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Get Fed Up/ D.I.What
July 3, 2006, 11:15 pm
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Its late I’m tired so don’t expect this to be the worlds greatest entry today, well yea today was a good day my knees are really arching though. But yea last night before I went to bed I was really fired up I felt like in order to change stuff and do stuff old or new stuff you have to be feed up with your current situation or you’ll just accept its as the norm and it will become acceptable, and believe me I was feed up. So I was like tomorrow (today) I’m gonna sort out a few things one of the major thing was this book shelf that’s still in the garden even if I had to do it myself………………..

…………….So yea I wake up reasonable time quite tired thou, and sort my self out then go online to sort out a few things nothing major after this I write a shopping list for all the extra bits I need for the book shelf at this moment I’m so thankful that I never tried to put up the book shelf to the original design cause as soon as I put any thing on it, it would have collapsed and that would have split all the wood and I would have wasted a lot of money. So I get changed and go to get the bus stop putting some money on my oyster card get to the bus stop and see to youngers I used to go school with there now also studying Graphics just finished foundation I think so we all get the same bus, they get off before me. So get to B&Q I spent ages there looking to for the right screws and bit and bobs what I did was returned the other box of expensive screws and planned to use that money to buy everything I needed. After like I’m sure an hour or two I get every thing but in my calculation I’m over budget but think there no point in trying to save money now let’s just get the job done. Get to the till and watching the money totalling up crazy I though I was gonna go over by a few pounds but its was like £8 over. Well I pay it then go get bus home. Get home now think I make a sandwich then have and ice cold drink it’s over hot. Then start taking bits off wood from garden to my room start with the side bits start marking them up sort where the shelves are going to go then I realise that one of the shelves are slightly smaller like 3mm small that guy in the shop is so not serious he told me this after I had cut all the wood and I didn’t realise it had affected this piece cause all I said was cut it in half. So I’m like ooooooooooohhhhhh nooooooooooooo!!……………

……………………Don’t really know what to do after a lot of stressing and thinking I decide that I’m gonna have to cut another section my self I’ve got like an off cut that that’s the right width so I get the saw out this is some proper DIY cutting not bad hard work though then I take it upstairs and realise it’s slightly to long by a few millimetres so I try to use the saw again but its not having it end up using sand paper this works much better. I was thinking of painting that bit but decided to use it how it was and paint it after I build it as this would mean having to wait for it to dry and longing it all out. So I mark up all the word and start marking out were the brackets are going to go then start drilling this is hard work as I’m using a drill with a screw driver bit in init and the drill is over fast just blitz it crazy. But yea do all the bracket and corner bits then start putting it together as soon as it starts to take shape I get excited and this motivates me to work harder a few bits go wrong so have to unscrew and redo but generally it’s not that bad. Don’t take as many pics as I wanted to cause was just trying to focus and get it all done. Have to stop at like 9:30 because my brother says it was getting to late to be drilling and my drill isn’t quiet, I reluctantly stop. Then go have some dinner just pasta which tastes over weird but I eat it that’s it really then I have family prayer then start writing my blog then get a phone call from my brother another one you gonna here me talk about lots of different brother I’ve got 6 in total and I’m the youngest. He’s like yea need some designs work done, I’m like ok he needs a logo I did for him a while back but I search my computer and its not there when my computer had some major issues and keep crashing my brother’s mate fixed it but deleted a lot of my work that’s not good at all a lot of my old work and stuff gone. So I’m like well ask your mate (business partner) because I sent him a copy of it a while back. Then my brother and his wife tag team me about the Clothing stuff he not really felling the RR stuff well not as a first range any way he really feeling theRema Street characters some of you may remember them and he’s like they will blow. But cause there like so last year I’m not really on them we have a over long discussion at first I was like bro think we got different vision what I’ll do is design the stuff for you and you can have you own label and do what every you what and I’ll just crack on with my stuff he’s like yea just cause division, I’m like nah we just got different vision’s he’s like but I wanna use those characters I’m like you what!!!!!!! those are mine it’s a bit hard for me cause Rema’s been just me from the beginning. But yea I start to see the character’s in a different light and start to like them again we end the conversation saying that yea we will try and see, Uni’s also corrupted me as I’m now on Why???? A lot and concepts behind stuff not just oh that’s looks heavy but why??? What’s it doing? Whys it doing it? How’s it doing it? But that’s yesterday really ended going to bed over late be yea its all good still no job need to find one soon times ticking tick took.

But yea as ever Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR



Let Down
July 1, 2006, 11:33 pm
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Big ups people site is finally up and running looking ok, I guess just needs some tweaking, showed a fried and there feeling it so it all good currently just watching Shanghai Noon on BBC 1 ha ha seen it many many times but it still makes me laugh, well today guess from the blog heading you know that someone let me down and it was my brother the one from the first B&Q trip he was meant to hook up with me so we could build the book shelf and get it finished once and for all. But he blew me out I called him i’m the morning nice and early ell early for a Saturday. And he like forgotten and has to do something else so he’s like yea we will sort it out at about 6pm I like ok but aint happy cause we need to go back to B&Q to get the support bits and 6 is over late but i’m like yea ok, so don’t really don much really just chill really sort my room out a bit and then set to work on sorting this blog thing out once and for all an as you can see it aint looking that’s bad then well some time goes past then I end up baby sitting my bro’s kinds there cool not that much trouble just chill with them waiting for my brother to come………… it late……. but he’s doesnt show up till like after nine didn’t even call but its all good. In the time managed to watch both games England game and some of the Brizialian match…….the England game was a crazy game but the england players really stepped up show they don’t have to really on Rooney and Beckham Crouch and Aaron where going on crazy making big moves……. i wasnt really sure who I wanted to win but kind of glad England lost because now they will learn not to really on people if they won they would have just carried on playing the same slack football its sad thou 10 men portugal weren’t playing good at all that Ronaldo kid he got skills but he’s not that effective……….And before this turns into a football blog i’ll just say cant believe brazil lost and Argentina the favourites out crazy guess its gonna be France or Germany well yea that’s my day really not very productive screens and book shelf still in the same state all I got to show for today is my pretty looking blog must say im proud of it thou well off to bed now got church in the morning not sure if I’m gonna blog on Sundays day of rest and all that. But yea that’s the day really not much excitement or productivity and unhealthy as well loads of snacks and icepoles. Realy need a job………… but yea things aint that far from completion so I got to look on the bright side……

As ever Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR

screens: Haters and encouragers
June 30, 2006, 11:36 pm
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Well today was ment to wake up like 7am to do some more cleaning but my eyes open like 6:35am and I was feeling lazy so I stayed in bed, got up about 8:30am I think sorted my self out went to the garden to check the screens they weren’t looking great so I was best off just trying to sort it all out at college. So load screens in to bag get changed get out the house then jump on train get to college down to screen printing department the plan is to wash all the screens I even took a bottle of white spirit. First person I see is that not so nice white from yesterday I give her a nice cheesy grin. Walk to the office section see black guy from yesterday and this other guy I aint mentioned before he’s safe. I tell the black guy I did my best with screens, he’s like ok let have a look the other guy’s like nice screen. Then the black guy say’s he locked the washing area but he’s gonna open it for me. I put on one of those lab jacket (so gonna purchase one) and well get to it, left unsupervised kind of freestyle it spray each screen with screen wash then put it in the wash out sink massive metal thing then put on pressure hose and get blasting oh I did put on all the safety equipment face visor ear protectors big rubber glove. Doing six sceens takes a while all the emulsion comes off but that ink is still on some of them so I go to the office room again to ask the for a bit of help. The black guys hard at work the white looks up at me I say excuse me could you come take a look at the screens listen to her reply “why would I” I stand there for a while over shocked and end up going ok then and walk off. I cant belive she said that what kind of technician is she but it’s all good just a test of my character I guess. So I’m walking off and this black guy I kind of know asks me about the screen I explain where I got the from and what my plans are of using that screen printing company to coat and expose the screens. This other girl kind of buts in like oh where’s the place then she asks the white lady she’s like clueless and try’s to beg in to conversation saying oh is that what you plan to do I like yea and smile then walk off, I then go back to wash out room and take some of my screens to this other sink for general washing black technician guy goes into room I follow him to get other screens he takes a look and say’s you’ve done a good job you just need to use the other stuff you used before. I’m like ok and start taking the screens the other guys like yea maybe try some screen wash and then hose it done I’m like ok so I go on hunt for screen wash but that lovely lady is over staring at me, giving me the I don’t what you to be her crossed with the what are you looking for/ trying to steal look. So I’m like this is long I’m off I’ll just sort screens at home so I go pack bags and as I’m leaving the other guys like did you try it I’m like nah gonna sort it out at home this guy is over safe as I’m leaving I make sure I say thanks to that lovely lady and I’m out……………

……… I was not expecting what happens next I get to the station and my trains like in 30mins so I drag bag to whsmiths to read to mags kill time……… after I while I go back to station. Sitting down look up and see that guy from screen printing that safe one he’s like miles away then he notices me says hi shakes my hand then we have a chat about screen printing and building a screen bench and printing and stuff we end up getting the same train and we talk about my plans to set up a studio, setting up a market stall he’s idea, he’s life story he’s giving me props for trying setting up my own thing. Basically we have a good chat like man to man designer to designer no talking down to me like I’m some clueless student. If I ever become a teach (that’s a possibility) I wanna be a bit like him, supporting the dreamers and people who got vision of setting stuff up going on alone make a bit of money on the side. That other lady as soon as she heard that I wanted to set something up out side of uni lost interest, probably stuck in her ways but ya can’t hold me down. Get home I get of before tutor guy get home not really sure what to do end up trying to work on my blog this thing. While on net blog set up is long and trying to get the look I want is over long manage to do some think that’s looks ok. Then realise I need to paint one of the side sheets of wood before Saturday so I go do it .then come back to finish of the blog layout thing long not really doing what I want catch a bit of TV chat to a few peps, decided not o clean the cleans today as I aint got any gloves and don’t wanna get white spirit all over my hand again old rubber gloves only lasted that’s evening washing

I’m just realising that’s every week not gonna be as hectic or as busy at this week so guess the blogs gonna be more about the “times” rather that’s the “Life” well hope that’s someone bothers to read this and it maybe inspires, makes smile, encourages someone. The main aim of this blog is just to keep people that are interested in me and Rema informed on its progress as well as and avenue to share idea, thoughts, design and fashion work as well as industry news. Like a summary of what all the other sites say

As ever Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR

Screens and winning
June 29, 2006, 11:45 pm
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Today was a really good day but now it’s time to write my blog thing and im so tired and my bones are aching and I need to get up early tomorrow so im just gonnna give you all the key facts yea. Well woke up this morning not that tired sorted my self out gave the lady from yesterday a call to arrange meeting to collect the secret item which are screens for screen printing cant be bothered to keep it all a secret anymore. Well arranged the meeting for like 11:15 look around my hose for a suitable bag to carry them in I’m thinking there might be ten cant find one so I take a big bin bag and then decide to go to the local laundry to by one of those laundry bags I’m hoping that there cheap get in there look and there hanging on the wall and there like £2 you may be thinking oh that’s nice and cheap but considering all the money I’ve spend so far this week it’s all adding up but hopefully I’ll be working some where very soon so its all good. I end up buying it and thank God I did. Well from the laundry I get the 172 have to change at new cross see the 171 behind but the driver stops like behind three buys miles from the bus stop lets off his passages and then slows down like he’s gonna stop for us at the bus stop and drives off I look at a Japanese looking student who wanted the 171 as well and he goes “so disappointing” I love he accent makes me smile……..

……….Well 171 finally comes I get on it down to Peckham I’m well prepared drew a little map and everything so I know where I’m going and the lady Jed emailed me some directions. Well get to the area walk a bit to the tower block. Go inside. Well buzz her she lets me in I get left. But I’m feeling a bit weird I’m like thank God I’m so blessed and never lived in a council estate and even thou my fam’s not exactly rich we got enough, parents worked over hard. Well get to 5th floor lady waiting in corridor for me says you Anthony I’m like yea I’m expecting her just to bring out the screens but she invite me into her front room and says yea there 6 in total asks where I’m studying I’m like Lcc she like oh cool says that yea screens need cleaning there pastiol ink. I’m just over happy because there like big screens seem just smaller that A2. so I load them in my bag (just the right size and shape to hold them perfect £2 well spent using a black bag would have been ridiculous)…….. Ahh its getting late……… well yea I then jump on the bus for college I must admit those screens are not light at all. Had to keep switching arms. But yea make it to college down to screen printing area. Go to sign in explain that’s I’ve just got the screens from some one and I wanna just wash then and blast them off and for use at home. ladies like yea so what that got to do with us……. She’s then like well maybe but not if your gonna use half a bottle of screen wash (in my head I’m thinking look just let me wash the screen how much is screen wash aint I a student her and all that sort of stuff but I’m like look I need there Help so I’m just gonnna be nice) she like let me have a look and we both kind of look together and the screens are covered in paint and its not water based it oil so I need to get this off some how they recommend that I go see a guy called Tony he specialises in the oil based screen printing 3rd floor printing and publishing so I take there screens there this involves another dodgy looking left. I get a bit lost never been this department before ask a teacher looking dude he points me in the right direction. I go into the screen room see a guy that looks kind off like a student so I ask him has he seen Tony he’s like is it for an interview I’m like no and explain………………….. he’s like well basically it plaistol paint which is comely used in printing t-shirt he’s a safe guy actually but say’s that the department has run out of all spirits since like three weeks. My best bet is to go and buy some white spirit and give it a go my self…

………..Times ticking and I gut like summer briefing and award show in a bit so I decide to take screens home. Get train get home I like well I still wanna coat the screens and slam the RR (rema respone) logo on it so I flip some t-shirts for a few people. So I put the one I made earlier (long process spraypaint stencil photo copy and then onto acetate) over a girl’s t-shirt I gut and it looks massive so I’m like oh no what am I going to do an I’m meant to be hooking up a girl with a RR t-shirt for there birth day so I’m like well I’m gonna have to have two sizes on for guys and a smaller one for girls. So I’m like cool. Then I rush out to get the train.

Briefing and awards

Just on train get to uni again for briefing. We get a summer project which doesn’t seem over hard. Then there’s an award show type thing. But the categories are punctuation mark names like the full stop award comma award and they don’t explain what each is so I’m sitting there and the 1st year prize winners come up a few people get prizes but I not sure what there for and they call out my name I’m over shocked I get the I think semi colon award don’t ask me what that is but I also get a book (yay something to put on my bookshelf) I feel hyped I like winning stuff I also get a letterpress semicolon think it 12pt…

……well after that’s I say my good buys as 1st years officially over I go library to sort out my RR lady sizes then I go in search for someone whose got a photocopy card I can borrow luckily I see Seral and she lets me borrow her’s. back to library after a few size experiments find the right size. Then do a few more bits on computer. But decide just to focus on the RR stuff. Then off home stop of at hardware store to get white spirit but there selling it at some rip off price so I’m like better go B&Q again you ask. Well jump on bus get white spirit get out get home get home over hungry there’s food I enjoy. Work time……………

Back to Garden

It getting over late so gonna breeze through the last part basiacly had to de-tape all 6 screens carefully then try and get as much paint off as I could using spray bottle filled with white spirit……….. I did just wann big up my mum she over understanding and caring even though she didn’t really understand exactly what I was doing she still tried to help by offering advice and hooking me up with water………….. this was such and over over over long process did this till like 10:30 when it was to dark to work and I couldn’t even see the screens. So I just re-sprayed all the screens and left them out there hopefully I will wake up early and clean them more then off to college As soon as I can hopefully the guys there will let me clean them and expose one.

This is silly actually because it like the third day and nobody besides me has even seen this blog gonna try get it all up over the week hope you lot bother to read this any way…………. This is simply the life and time of AnthonyR

My life’s not always the exciting and busy but while it is I’ll roll with it

As always Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR

More book shelf
June 28, 2006, 11:35 pm
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Woke up today really tired again was up a bit late thou, but yea today didn’t exactly go to plan I was meant to be meeting another person (from freecycle the site I told you about) to get something for the business but when I called the lady, she was like she’s waiting for some supplies not sure exactly what time she has to leave to go get them so basically tomorrow will be better for her I’m like ok tomorrow will be fine (trying to be nice). But in reality I had planned most of the day around this transaction. So after I got off the phone I began to think what am I going to do know how am I going to spend the rest of my day this was at like 10am. So I decided I would carry on with my bookshelf project. Last night while washing up paint stuff I managed to break the roller sponge thing. So I was off to B&Q again……….. this time a local one. So I jumped on the bus…………..

Prier to this my brother called me the brother from yesterday and I’m like I don’t think that’s the book case is going to be stable I’m now doubting my own design. And I planning to buy some extra pieces of wood for support he’s like don’t buy the wood until we try put the book case together we may not need them and possibly if we do need extra support we can use metal brackets instead. Which are strong and thin…………….In case you readying this and don’t know me this is not a DIY blog ha ha its just a project im working on for my home/room studio………………… Well I get to B&Q go to the bracket section just to see the kind off prices they are, there like well expensive like a pound each and Im probably need a lot!!! But after looking around harder I find some smaller ones and there like only 38p I also find some corner bracket things in a pack which aint that expensive. I then spend a while taking pics for my blog (this thing) and trying to work out exactly how many bracket I will need. I then go off to the paint section to buy another roller then head home that’s it really..

Get home go online for a bit looking for a summer job while chatting on msn. Then back to the garden looking at the bits of word seems like I didn’t do a very good job of painting the under coat so I continue with the over coat being a lot more careful not to cover my self with paint like yesterday spend like the rest of the afternoon doing this after doing the big piece of wood I realise that I’m running low on paint so I decide to only paint one side of each shelve the top sides ( saving paint and money I’m already over budget) nothing exciting just painting. flies and allsorts of insects seem to be attracted to my wet white paint and obviously get stuck, so I have to carefully flick them off with the paint roller or try paint over them…………..

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The Beginning
June 27, 2006, 11:45 pm
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Well this is my first entry, today has been an interesting day……. But before I go into today lets me explain to you lot about a site called freecycle ( its basically like ebay but free you can offer stuff or ask for stuff and yesterday I ask if any ones got a power drill for my book shelf project and I got an email from this guy in the Peckham area saying that he’s got one I can have, so I emailed him back saying I need it tomorrow (today) would I be able to meet him at the station about 9:30 he aggress. So today I wake up very tiered after going to bed late working on the plans for this book shelf project getting it all ready and accurate so I can just take it to the guy in B&Q to hook up for me (cut wood). Well back to today leave my house a little late jump on the 171 bus to Peckham to meet this guy (complete stranger) called Clive he email me his number but I thought I aint gonna call him cause I don’t want him to have my number but when I get there late and no ones there I decide to give him a call he’s like in bed say’s he forgot but he will be round in 5mins so im waiting outside Queens Road station looking well suspicious. Then get a call from the guy saying it will be easier to meet him near his house so he gives me directions to his road it’s not far. I go to the road he says and he’s waiting out side a house white guy he’s like heres the drill and all the best sorry I over sleep I’m off work this week didn’t bother to set my alarm.( I take a quick look in the bag Black and Decker Looks good) I say thanks and walk off to meet my brother who’s planned to meet me at the station as well to go B&Q with me to get the wood. As I get back to the station I see him parking I hop in and explain about the drill guy he like ok Tony but you sure the drill will work little faith im like yea……………..

Get to B&Q get lost abit then find it go inside go to the wood section select the word (I’m all prepared because I went B&Q on Sunday to make a detailed shopping list) and then we go to the cutting section sorry No pics to show you lot but it’s pretty heavy like a massive machice you place the wood on and it cut’s it. I was trying to look serious so didn’t want to pull the camera out and start flashing up the place. We are like third in the cue. I start to reading notices and there a sign that say “this is a take home service no projects…. I’m hoping that guy will let me off my turn I explain to the guy what I want doing to the first bit of wood I plan to by two and from that get the shelves sides and backing…. This blogging business is long so much happened today hope you lot bother to read it …….. well then basically everything is going fine except my brother is doubting my design well that was the first time he saw it. Basically two major things go wrong one the silly machine man does not tell me that’s the machine cuts with like a 3mm bleed so I tell him to cut a 120cm wide piece of wood into 5 getting 24cm shelves he goes ok. But when he cuts it the last shelve is like 21cm cause of this bleed thing. Secondly I’ve cut the top and bottom section the same size as the shelves and there meant to be longer so basically my book shelf aint gonna work. So my brother starts laughing and this other guy in the cue starts as well (Hatters) I’m laughing as well but mostly out of shock contemplating the price of another piece of wood. A few things happened after but I end up buying another piece so now used three pieces (but with the left overs I’m gonna try build a table getting the legs from ikea and maybe something else) then go to buy screws I never knew screws were so expensive and so many different types to chose, but yea got some screws and some paint White to match room and studio look. Go and pay (also buy a mini paint roller) get all the stuff on big trolley to car all day my brother has been saying that he doesn’t think the stuff gonna fit Im like yea it is he drives a big Citroen Picasso (big for nothing ha ha well cant hate on it did the job in the end better than the bus). The stuff don’t fit even with the seats down so we have to go buy some string £2.22 for string got pics of this moment ha ha.

Initial plan was to get it all done today and have a finished book shelf in my room but nope the paint apparently takes longgggggggg to dry and my brothers got to go soon so all I manage to do is paint all the wood. I’m thinking yep one coat with the roller should be all done but nope paint is over thick and brother informs me to get that nice smart look it will need like three coats so I just give every thing a coat of paint in the process get paint all over my hands……… arms……….. neck………… face……… don’t ask but yea that the book shelve story so far enjoy process pics. I will take more pics and write more blogg when next I get a chance to so work on the book shelve.

Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR