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The Beginning
June 27, 2006, 11:45 pm
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Well this is my first entry, today has been an interesting day……. But before I go into today lets me explain to you lot about a site called freecycle ( its basically like ebay but free you can offer stuff or ask for stuff and yesterday I ask if any ones got a power drill for my book shelf project and I got an email from this guy in the Peckham area saying that he’s got one I can have, so I emailed him back saying I need it tomorrow (today) would I be able to meet him at the station about 9:30 he aggress. So today I wake up very tiered after going to bed late working on the plans for this book shelf project getting it all ready and accurate so I can just take it to the guy in B&Q to hook up for me (cut wood). Well back to today leave my house a little late jump on the 171 bus to Peckham to meet this guy (complete stranger) called Clive he email me his number but I thought I aint gonna call him cause I don’t want him to have my number but when I get there late and no ones there I decide to give him a call he’s like in bed say’s he forgot but he will be round in 5mins so im waiting outside Queens Road station looking well suspicious. Then get a call from the guy saying it will be easier to meet him near his house so he gives me directions to his road it’s not far. I go to the road he says and he’s waiting out side a house white guy he’s like heres the drill and all the best sorry I over sleep I’m off work this week didn’t bother to set my alarm.( I take a quick look in the bag Black and Decker Looks good) I say thanks and walk off to meet my brother who’s planned to meet me at the station as well to go B&Q with me to get the wood. As I get back to the station I see him parking I hop in and explain about the drill guy he like ok Tony but you sure the drill will work little faith im like yea……………..

Get to B&Q get lost abit then find it go inside go to the wood section select the word (I’m all prepared because I went B&Q on Sunday to make a detailed shopping list) and then we go to the cutting section sorry No pics to show you lot but it’s pretty heavy like a massive machice you place the wood on and it cut’s it. I was trying to look serious so didn’t want to pull the camera out and start flashing up the place. We are like third in the cue. I start to reading notices and there a sign that say “this is a take home service no projects…. I’m hoping that guy will let me off my turn I explain to the guy what I want doing to the first bit of wood I plan to by two and from that get the shelves sides and backing…. This blogging business is long so much happened today hope you lot bother to read it …….. well then basically everything is going fine except my brother is doubting my design well that was the first time he saw it. Basically two major things go wrong one the silly machine man does not tell me that’s the machine cuts with like a 3mm bleed so I tell him to cut a 120cm wide piece of wood into 5 getting 24cm shelves he goes ok. But when he cuts it the last shelve is like 21cm cause of this bleed thing. Secondly I’ve cut the top and bottom section the same size as the shelves and there meant to be longer so basically my book shelf aint gonna work. So my brother starts laughing and this other guy in the cue starts as well (Hatters) I’m laughing as well but mostly out of shock contemplating the price of another piece of wood. A few things happened after but I end up buying another piece so now used three pieces (but with the left overs I’m gonna try build a table getting the legs from ikea and maybe something else) then go to buy screws I never knew screws were so expensive and so many different types to chose, but yea got some screws and some paint White to match room and studio look. Go and pay (also buy a mini paint roller) get all the stuff on big trolley to car all day my brother has been saying that he doesn’t think the stuff gonna fit Im like yea it is he drives a big Citroen Picasso (big for nothing ha ha well cant hate on it did the job in the end better than the bus). The stuff don’t fit even with the seats down so we have to go buy some string £2.22 for string got pics of this moment ha ha.

Initial plan was to get it all done today and have a finished book shelf in my room but nope the paint apparently takes longgggggggg to dry and my brothers got to go soon so all I manage to do is paint all the wood. I’m thinking yep one coat with the roller should be all done but nope paint is over thick and brother informs me to get that nice smart look it will need like three coats so I just give every thing a coat of paint in the process get paint all over my hands……… arms……….. neck………… face……… don’t ask but yea that the book shelve story so far enjoy process pics. I will take more pics and write more blogg when next I get a chance to so work on the book shelve.

Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR


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