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More book shelf
June 28, 2006, 11:35 pm
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Woke up today really tired again was up a bit late thou, but yea today didn’t exactly go to plan I was meant to be meeting another person (from freecycle the site I told you about) to get something for the business but when I called the lady, she was like she’s waiting for some supplies not sure exactly what time she has to leave to go get them so basically tomorrow will be better for her I’m like ok tomorrow will be fine (trying to be nice). But in reality I had planned most of the day around this transaction. So after I got off the phone I began to think what am I going to do know how am I going to spend the rest of my day this was at like 10am. So I decided I would carry on with my bookshelf project. Last night while washing up paint stuff I managed to break the roller sponge thing. So I was off to B&Q again……….. this time a local one. So I jumped on the bus…………..

Prier to this my brother called me the brother from yesterday and I’m like I don’t think that’s the book case is going to be stable I’m now doubting my own design. And I planning to buy some extra pieces of wood for support he’s like don’t buy the wood until we try put the book case together we may not need them and possibly if we do need extra support we can use metal brackets instead. Which are strong and thin…………….In case you readying this and don’t know me this is not a DIY blog ha ha its just a project im working on for my home/room studio………………… Well I get to B&Q go to the bracket section just to see the kind off prices they are, there like well expensive like a pound each and Im probably need a lot!!! But after looking around harder I find some smaller ones and there like only 38p I also find some corner bracket things in a pack which aint that expensive. I then spend a while taking pics for my blog (this thing) and trying to work out exactly how many bracket I will need. I then go off to the paint section to buy another roller then head home that’s it really..

Get home go online for a bit looking for a summer job while chatting on msn. Then back to the garden looking at the bits of word seems like I didn’t do a very good job of painting the under coat so I continue with the over coat being a lot more careful not to cover my self with paint like yesterday spend like the rest of the afternoon doing this after doing the big piece of wood I realise that I’m running low on paint so I decide to only paint one side of each shelve the top sides ( saving paint and money I’m already over budget) nothing exciting just painting. flies and allsorts of insects seem to be attracted to my wet white paint and obviously get stuck, so I have to carefully flick them off with the paint roller or try paint over them…………..

Evening time

Well after painting mums back from work I go wash up hands are covered in paint get out the white spirit out. Go get changed cause I’m going out with my mum to the 40 year anniversary of my old secondary school (which she works at) well I get changed and am ready to leave mum thinks my jeans and stripe jumper combo is to rough there’s a random argument I decide to get changed into trousers shirt combo then we go just get the train in time. Get to school I’m not happy think I look rather silly see my old tutor and geography teacher she is so happy to see me this brightens my mood there like a celebration mass catholic style which is decent I love the choir boys and musicians giving it some style the drummer boy is dope. They even do that Kirk song “I know that I can make it big tune” after mass I see another old teach I say hello then my old English teach comes over to say hi (I remember like a year ago when at another function type thing I went over to her to say hi and she was acting like she was royalty or something. This time she like oh oh what your name again I remember you, you used to sit in the front row and make me laugh one of my top students explaining this to the other guy ha ha oh how the tables turn). Then downstairs for dinks and buffet under some canopy thing round the back. I walk around mingle see my old tutor again we chat for a bit she introduces me to the new art teacher I explain that I’m doing graphic design we chat for a bit more mingling apples juices and those small ring doughnuts So Nice. Then were out off there now glad I changed it to smart clothes…………………….. That’s the day really, really good to she old teachers and the preacher sermon wasn’t that bad………….. well quite tired now been trying to set up this blog thing but not really figure it all out yet so I’m just typing into word for now till it all up and running and looking like I want………………

Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR


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