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Screens and winning
June 29, 2006, 11:45 pm
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Today was a really good day but now it’s time to write my blog thing and im so tired and my bones are aching and I need to get up early tomorrow so im just gonnna give you all the key facts yea. Well woke up this morning not that tired sorted my self out gave the lady from yesterday a call to arrange meeting to collect the secret item which are screens for screen printing cant be bothered to keep it all a secret anymore. Well arranged the meeting for like 11:15 look around my hose for a suitable bag to carry them in I’m thinking there might be ten cant find one so I take a big bin bag and then decide to go to the local laundry to by one of those laundry bags I’m hoping that there cheap get in there look and there hanging on the wall and there like £2 you may be thinking oh that’s nice and cheap but considering all the money I’ve spend so far this week it’s all adding up but hopefully I’ll be working some where very soon so its all good. I end up buying it and thank God I did. Well from the laundry I get the 172 have to change at new cross see the 171 behind but the driver stops like behind three buys miles from the bus stop lets off his passages and then slows down like he’s gonna stop for us at the bus stop and drives off I look at a Japanese looking student who wanted the 171 as well and he goes “so disappointing” I love he accent makes me smile……..

……….Well 171 finally comes I get on it down to Peckham I’m well prepared drew a little map and everything so I know where I’m going and the lady Jed emailed me some directions. Well get to the area walk a bit to the tower block. Go inside. Well buzz her she lets me in I get left. But I’m feeling a bit weird I’m like thank God I’m so blessed and never lived in a council estate and even thou my fam’s not exactly rich we got enough, parents worked over hard. Well get to 5th floor lady waiting in corridor for me says you Anthony I’m like yea I’m expecting her just to bring out the screens but she invite me into her front room and says yea there 6 in total asks where I’m studying I’m like Lcc she like oh cool says that yea screens need cleaning there pastiol ink. I’m just over happy because there like big screens seem just smaller that A2. so I load them in my bag (just the right size and shape to hold them perfect £2 well spent using a black bag would have been ridiculous)…….. Ahh its getting late……… well yea I then jump on the bus for college I must admit those screens are not light at all. Had to keep switching arms. But yea make it to college down to screen printing area. Go to sign in explain that’s I’ve just got the screens from some one and I wanna just wash then and blast them off and for use at home. ladies like yea so what that got to do with us……. She’s then like well maybe but not if your gonna use half a bottle of screen wash (in my head I’m thinking look just let me wash the screen how much is screen wash aint I a student her and all that sort of stuff but I’m like look I need there Help so I’m just gonnna be nice) she like let me have a look and we both kind of look together and the screens are covered in paint and its not water based it oil so I need to get this off some how they recommend that I go see a guy called Tony he specialises in the oil based screen printing 3rd floor printing and publishing so I take there screens there this involves another dodgy looking left. I get a bit lost never been this department before ask a teacher looking dude he points me in the right direction. I go into the screen room see a guy that looks kind off like a student so I ask him has he seen Tony he’s like is it for an interview I’m like no and explain………………….. he’s like well basically it plaistol paint which is comely used in printing t-shirt he’s a safe guy actually but say’s that the department has run out of all spirits since like three weeks. My best bet is to go and buy some white spirit and give it a go my self…

………..Times ticking and I gut like summer briefing and award show in a bit so I decide to take screens home. Get train get home I like well I still wanna coat the screens and slam the RR (rema respone) logo on it so I flip some t-shirts for a few people. So I put the one I made earlier (long process spraypaint stencil photo copy and then onto acetate) over a girl’s t-shirt I gut and it looks massive so I’m like oh no what am I going to do an I’m meant to be hooking up a girl with a RR t-shirt for there birth day so I’m like well I’m gonna have to have two sizes on for guys and a smaller one for girls. So I’m like cool. Then I rush out to get the train.

Briefing and awards

Just on train get to uni again for briefing. We get a summer project which doesn’t seem over hard. Then there’s an award show type thing. But the categories are punctuation mark names like the full stop award comma award and they don’t explain what each is so I’m sitting there and the 1st year prize winners come up a few people get prizes but I not sure what there for and they call out my name I’m over shocked I get the I think semi colon award don’t ask me what that is but I also get a book (yay something to put on my bookshelf) I feel hyped I like winning stuff I also get a letterpress semicolon think it 12pt…

……well after that’s I say my good buys as 1st years officially over I go library to sort out my RR lady sizes then I go in search for someone whose got a photocopy card I can borrow luckily I see Seral and she lets me borrow her’s. back to library after a few size experiments find the right size. Then do a few more bits on computer. But decide just to focus on the RR stuff. Then off home stop of at hardware store to get white spirit but there selling it at some rip off price so I’m like better go B&Q again you ask. Well jump on bus get white spirit get out get home get home over hungry there’s food I enjoy. Work time……………

Back to Garden

It getting over late so gonna breeze through the last part basiacly had to de-tape all 6 screens carefully then try and get as much paint off as I could using spray bottle filled with white spirit……….. I did just wann big up my mum she over understanding and caring even though she didn’t really understand exactly what I was doing she still tried to help by offering advice and hooking me up with water………….. this was such and over over over long process did this till like 10:30 when it was to dark to work and I couldn’t even see the screens. So I just re-sprayed all the screens and left them out there hopefully I will wake up early and clean them more then off to college As soon as I can hopefully the guys there will let me clean them and expose one.

This is silly actually because it like the third day and nobody besides me has even seen this blog gonna try get it all up over the week hope you lot bother to read this any way…………. This is simply the life and time of AnthonyR

My life’s not always the exciting and busy but while it is I’ll roll with it

As always Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR


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