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screens: Haters and encouragers
June 30, 2006, 11:36 pm
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Well today was ment to wake up like 7am to do some more cleaning but my eyes open like 6:35am and I was feeling lazy so I stayed in bed, got up about 8:30am I think sorted my self out went to the garden to check the screens they weren’t looking great so I was best off just trying to sort it all out at college. So load screens in to bag get changed get out the house then jump on train get to college down to screen printing department the plan is to wash all the screens I even took a bottle of white spirit. First person I see is that not so nice white from yesterday I give her a nice cheesy grin. Walk to the office section see black guy from yesterday and this other guy I aint mentioned before he’s safe. I tell the black guy I did my best with screens, he’s like ok let have a look the other guy’s like nice screen. Then the black guy say’s he locked the washing area but he’s gonna open it for me. I put on one of those lab jacket (so gonna purchase one) and well get to it, left unsupervised kind of freestyle it spray each screen with screen wash then put it in the wash out sink massive metal thing then put on pressure hose and get blasting oh I did put on all the safety equipment face visor ear protectors big rubber glove. Doing six sceens takes a while all the emulsion comes off but that ink is still on some of them so I go to the office room again to ask the for a bit of help. The black guys hard at work the white looks up at me I say excuse me could you come take a look at the screens listen to her reply “why would I” I stand there for a while over shocked and end up going ok then and walk off. I cant belive she said that what kind of technician is she but it’s all good just a test of my character I guess. So I’m walking off and this black guy I kind of know asks me about the screen I explain where I got the from and what my plans are of using that screen printing company to coat and expose the screens. This other girl kind of buts in like oh where’s the place then she asks the white lady she’s like clueless and try’s to beg in to conversation saying oh is that what you plan to do I like yea and smile then walk off, I then go back to wash out room and take some of my screens to this other sink for general washing black technician guy goes into room I follow him to get other screens he takes a look and say’s you’ve done a good job you just need to use the other stuff you used before. I’m like ok and start taking the screens the other guys like yea maybe try some screen wash and then hose it done I’m like ok so I go on hunt for screen wash but that lovely lady is over staring at me, giving me the I don’t what you to be her crossed with the what are you looking for/ trying to steal look. So I’m like this is long I’m off I’ll just sort screens at home so I go pack bags and as I’m leaving the other guys like did you try it I’m like nah gonna sort it out at home this guy is over safe as I’m leaving I make sure I say thanks to that lovely lady and I’m out……………

……… I was not expecting what happens next I get to the station and my trains like in 30mins so I drag bag to whsmiths to read to mags kill time……… after I while I go back to station. Sitting down look up and see that guy from screen printing that safe one he’s like miles away then he notices me says hi shakes my hand then we have a chat about screen printing and building a screen bench and printing and stuff we end up getting the same train and we talk about my plans to set up a studio, setting up a market stall he’s idea, he’s life story he’s giving me props for trying setting up my own thing. Basically we have a good chat like man to man designer to designer no talking down to me like I’m some clueless student. If I ever become a teach (that’s a possibility) I wanna be a bit like him, supporting the dreamers and people who got vision of setting stuff up going on alone make a bit of money on the side. That other lady as soon as she heard that I wanted to set something up out side of uni lost interest, probably stuck in her ways but ya can’t hold me down. Get home I get of before tutor guy get home not really sure what to do end up trying to work on my blog this thing. While on net blog set up is long and trying to get the look I want is over long manage to do some think that’s looks ok. Then realise I need to paint one of the side sheets of wood before Saturday so I go do it .then come back to finish of the blog layout thing long not really doing what I want catch a bit of TV chat to a few peps, decided not o clean the cleans today as I aint got any gloves and don’t wanna get white spirit all over my hand again old rubber gloves only lasted that’s evening washing

I’m just realising that’s every week not gonna be as hectic or as busy at this week so guess the blogs gonna be more about the “times” rather that’s the “Life” well hope that’s someone bothers to read this and it maybe inspires, makes smile, encourages someone. The main aim of this blog is just to keep people that are interested in me and Rema informed on its progress as well as and avenue to share idea, thoughts, design and fashion work as well as industry news. Like a summary of what all the other sites say

As ever Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR


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