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Get Fed Up/ D.I.What
July 3, 2006, 11:15 pm
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Its late I’m tired so don’t expect this to be the worlds greatest entry today, well yea today was a good day my knees are really arching though. But yea last night before I went to bed I was really fired up I felt like in order to change stuff and do stuff old or new stuff you have to be feed up with your current situation or you’ll just accept its as the norm and it will become acceptable, and believe me I was feed up. So I was like tomorrow (today) I’m gonna sort out a few things one of the major thing was this book shelf that’s still in the garden even if I had to do it myself………………..

…………….So yea I wake up reasonable time quite tired thou, and sort my self out then go online to sort out a few things nothing major after this I write a shopping list for all the extra bits I need for the book shelf at this moment I’m so thankful that I never tried to put up the book shelf to the original design cause as soon as I put any thing on it, it would have collapsed and that would have split all the wood and I would have wasted a lot of money. So I get changed and go to get the bus stop putting some money on my oyster card get to the bus stop and see to youngers I used to go school with there now also studying Graphics just finished foundation I think so we all get the same bus, they get off before me. So get to B&Q I spent ages there looking to for the right screws and bit and bobs what I did was returned the other box of expensive screws and planned to use that money to buy everything I needed. After like I’m sure an hour or two I get every thing but in my calculation I’m over budget but think there no point in trying to save money now let’s just get the job done. Get to the till and watching the money totalling up crazy I though I was gonna go over by a few pounds but its was like £8 over. Well I pay it then go get bus home. Get home now think I make a sandwich then have and ice cold drink it’s over hot. Then start taking bits off wood from garden to my room start with the side bits start marking them up sort where the shelves are going to go then I realise that one of the shelves are slightly smaller like 3mm small that guy in the shop is so not serious he told me this after I had cut all the wood and I didn’t realise it had affected this piece cause all I said was cut it in half. So I’m like ooooooooooohhhhhh nooooooooooooo!!……………

……………………Don’t really know what to do after a lot of stressing and thinking I decide that I’m gonna have to cut another section my self I’ve got like an off cut that that’s the right width so I get the saw out this is some proper DIY cutting not bad hard work though then I take it upstairs and realise it’s slightly to long by a few millimetres so I try to use the saw again but its not having it end up using sand paper this works much better. I was thinking of painting that bit but decided to use it how it was and paint it after I build it as this would mean having to wait for it to dry and longing it all out. So I mark up all the word and start marking out were the brackets are going to go then start drilling this is hard work as I’m using a drill with a screw driver bit in init and the drill is over fast just blitz it crazy. But yea do all the bracket and corner bits then start putting it together as soon as it starts to take shape I get excited and this motivates me to work harder a few bits go wrong so have to unscrew and redo but generally it’s not that bad. Don’t take as many pics as I wanted to cause was just trying to focus and get it all done. Have to stop at like 9:30 because my brother says it was getting to late to be drilling and my drill isn’t quiet, I reluctantly stop. Then go have some dinner just pasta which tastes over weird but I eat it that’s it really then I have family prayer then start writing my blog then get a phone call from my brother another one you gonna here me talk about lots of different brother I’ve got 6 in total and I’m the youngest. He’s like yea need some designs work done, I’m like ok he needs a logo I did for him a while back but I search my computer and its not there when my computer had some major issues and keep crashing my brother’s mate fixed it but deleted a lot of my work that’s not good at all a lot of my old work and stuff gone. So I’m like well ask your mate (business partner) because I sent him a copy of it a while back. Then my brother and his wife tag team me about the Clothing stuff he not really felling the RR stuff well not as a first range any way he really feeling theRema Street characters some of you may remember them and he’s like they will blow. But cause there like so last year I’m not really on them we have a over long discussion at first I was like bro think we got different vision what I’ll do is design the stuff for you and you can have you own label and do what every you what and I’ll just crack on with my stuff he’s like yea just cause division, I’m like nah we just got different vision’s he’s like but I wanna use those characters I’m like you what!!!!!!! those are mine it’s a bit hard for me cause Rema’s been just me from the beginning. But yea I start to see the character’s in a different light and start to like them again we end the conversation saying that yea we will try and see, Uni’s also corrupted me as I’m now on Why???? A lot and concepts behind stuff not just oh that’s looks heavy but why??? What’s it doing? Whys it doing it? How’s it doing it? But that’s yesterday really ended going to bed over late be yea its all good still no job need to find one soon times ticking tick took.

But yea as ever Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR



Let Down
July 1, 2006, 11:33 pm
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Big ups people site is finally up and running looking ok, I guess just needs some tweaking, showed a fried and there feeling it so it all good currently just watching Shanghai Noon on BBC 1 ha ha seen it many many times but it still makes me laugh, well today guess from the blog heading you know that someone let me down and it was my brother the one from the first B&Q trip he was meant to hook up with me so we could build the book shelf and get it finished once and for all. But he blew me out I called him i’m the morning nice and early ell early for a Saturday. And he like forgotten and has to do something else so he’s like yea we will sort it out at about 6pm I like ok but aint happy cause we need to go back to B&Q to get the support bits and 6 is over late but i’m like yea ok, so don’t really don much really just chill really sort my room out a bit and then set to work on sorting this blog thing out once and for all an as you can see it aint looking that’s bad then well some time goes past then I end up baby sitting my bro’s kinds there cool not that much trouble just chill with them waiting for my brother to come………… it late……. but he’s doesnt show up till like after nine didn’t even call but its all good. In the time managed to watch both games England game and some of the Brizialian match…….the England game was a crazy game but the england players really stepped up show they don’t have to really on Rooney and Beckham Crouch and Aaron where going on crazy making big moves……. i wasnt really sure who I wanted to win but kind of glad England lost because now they will learn not to really on people if they won they would have just carried on playing the same slack football its sad thou 10 men portugal weren’t playing good at all that Ronaldo kid he got skills but he’s not that effective……….And before this turns into a football blog i’ll just say cant believe brazil lost and Argentina the favourites out crazy guess its gonna be France or Germany well yea that’s my day really not very productive screens and book shelf still in the same state all I got to show for today is my pretty looking blog must say im proud of it thou well off to bed now got church in the morning not sure if I’m gonna blog on Sundays day of rest and all that. But yea that’s the day really not much excitement or productivity and unhealthy as well loads of snacks and icepoles. Realy need a job………… but yea things aint that far from completion so I got to look on the bright side……

As ever Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR