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Let Down
July 1, 2006, 11:33 pm
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Big ups people site is finally up and running looking ok, I guess just needs some tweaking, showed a fried and there feeling it so it all good currently just watching Shanghai Noon on BBC 1 ha ha seen it many many times but it still makes me laugh, well today guess from the blog heading you know that someone let me down and it was my brother the one from the first B&Q trip he was meant to hook up with me so we could build the book shelf and get it finished once and for all. But he blew me out I called him i’m the morning nice and early ell early for a Saturday. And he like forgotten and has to do something else so he’s like yea we will sort it out at about 6pm I like ok but aint happy cause we need to go back to B&Q to get the support bits and 6 is over late but i’m like yea ok, so don’t really don much really just chill really sort my room out a bit and then set to work on sorting this blog thing out once and for all an as you can see it aint looking that’s bad then well some time goes past then I end up baby sitting my bro’s kinds there cool not that much trouble just chill with them waiting for my brother to come………… it late……. but he’s doesnt show up till like after nine didn’t even call but its all good. In the time managed to watch both games England game and some of the Brizialian match…….the England game was a crazy game but the england players really stepped up show they don’t have to really on Rooney and Beckham Crouch and Aaron where going on crazy making big moves……. i wasnt really sure who I wanted to win but kind of glad England lost because now they will learn not to really on people if they won they would have just carried on playing the same slack football its sad thou 10 men portugal weren’t playing good at all that Ronaldo kid he got skills but he’s not that effective……….And before this turns into a football blog i’ll just say cant believe brazil lost and Argentina the favourites out crazy guess its gonna be France or Germany well yea that’s my day really not very productive screens and book shelf still in the same state all I got to show for today is my pretty looking blog must say im proud of it thou well off to bed now got church in the morning not sure if I’m gonna blog on Sundays day of rest and all that. But yea that’s the day really not much excitement or productivity and unhealthy as well loads of snacks and icepoles. Realy need a job………… but yea things aint that far from completion so I got to look on the bright side……

As ever Hope it all makes sense Stay Tuned.

Signed AnthonyR


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